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In some states, the owner of the dog can contest the charge, and it is often easier for them to defend against the charges and not be held liable for any damages. However, the strict regulations in California ensure that the victim is protected. Unlike many states, California has a statute that protects individuals in the event that they are bitten by a dog. The California Civil Code states that “the owner of any dog is liable for the damages suffered by any person who is bitten by the dog while in a public place or lawfully in a private place” (Section 3342). Whether you are walking down the street or visiting someone at their home, the owner is strictly liable for the dog’s actions. If your dog has been accused of a dog bite or you have been bitten by a dog the Law Offices of Koorosh K Shahrokh can help.

How Dog Owners Can Protect Themselves In a Dog Bite Case.

Even with strict liability there are ways that the dog owner can successfully defend themselves. One way a dog owner can successfully defend themselves against a lawsuit is to prove provocation of the dog involved before the attack took place. This means that if the dog was physically attacked or handled aggressively prior to the attack taking place, the dog’s owner may not be held liable for paying damages. There are special limitations for provocation caused by children, as well as for police and military animals. It is important to discuss your case with an attorney and determine the facts of the case.

How Victims Of A Dog Bite Can Protect Themselves.

In all cases, it is important to report the attack immediately. This serves several purposes. First, it allows for local animal control services to capture the dog and ensure that it is not posing a threat to anyone else. If a violent animal is not contained, it could end up attacking someone else. Second, it is important to get medical treatment. Dogs carry viruses and other bacteria in their saliva, so it is important to get antibiotics to prevent infections. Rabies is also a serious threat and could lead to death, and it is important to get screened for it and monitored as soon as possible.

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Dog bites are often physically severe, and a dog’s teeth can cause serious damage depending on the depth of the bite as well as the placement. In an attack, a dog is more likely to go after an individual’s face. This can cause numerous problems even after the wounds have healed, including scarring, which can in turn lead to other barriers in society. Damages do not have to be physical in order for the owner to provide compensation. The California dog bite statute also covers emotional trauma caused by a dog attack, and in some areas you may also be able to receive compensation for property damage. Navigating the legal system can be difficult in the best of times, and handling the stress caused by a dog attack can make it that much harder. Consult the experienced defense attorneys at Law Offices of Koorosh K Shahrokh before you take your case to court to make sure you are being rightfully compensated.

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